Fairweather back in service after Wednesday’s voyage to Sitka scrubbed

The fast ferry Fairweather was back in service Thursday after experiencing a problem Wednesday that forced the skipper to scrub the vessel’s round trip voyage between Juneau and Sitka.

Captain Mike Neussl, who heads up the Alaska Marine Highway System, says the problem was in one of the sensor information collectors in the automated control system in the unmanned engine rooms.

He says a technical representative was brought to Juneau to troubleshoot. He found the problem and replaced the defective component with a rebuilt and fully functioning one.

He says the Coast Guard cleared the Fairweather to sail after it determined the system was working.

The problem was initially discovered overnight Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

The captain says the night maintenance crew fixed the problem but enroute to Sitka prior to reaching Sergius Narrows another portion of the system failed.

For safety reasons, he says the skipper decided not to go through the narrows and head back to Juneau.