Fairweather’s mechanical issues cause cancellations once again

The fast-ferry Fairweather is having mechanical problems once again.

Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Deputy Commissioner for Marine Operations Mike Nuessl said they discovered the problem Thursday night at approximately 10:00 p.m. He said they discovered an oil leak and boomed it off.

According to Neussl, the Coast Guard and all other appropriate agencies have been notified of the leak.
He said they put a diver in the water to find where the leak was coming from. He said they discovered that the number 4 water jet, which is the port-outboard water jet, appears to have a pinhole leak in one of the struts in the jet itself.

The Fairweather’s scheduled trip to Petersburg Friday and trips to Sitka on Saturday and Sunday have all been cancelled at this point.

Neussl said they do not have an approved repair plan authorized yet. The repair may in fact involve dry-docking the vessel, according to Neussl. He said they may be able to ballast the Fairweather enough to get the water-jet out of the water, once they get an approved repair scheme.

Again, due to mechanical difficulties, the fast-ferry Fairweather has cancelled Friday’s sailing to Petersburg and back as well as Saturday and Sunday’s runs to Sitka. We will update the repair situation as information becomes available.